Engagement Session - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens - Yadira + Ross

If happiness is being married to your best friend, then these two are setting themselves up for a lifetime of smiles! Yadira and Ross have a natural chemistry together and truly complement one another.

We had the honor of shooting their friends' wedding and now we have the distinct pleasure of preserving memories for them as well!  Their South Florida wedding is set for February and is sure to be an event to remember - however, we want to take a moment with this blog to celebrate this special time in their lives, that is, their engagement! 

Their engagement session took place in Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and at Key Biscayne - both picturesque locations in Miami.  These are popular spots to shoot at for a reason! Although we have worked at these locations countless times, they never get old! For example, we have a clear advantage at Vizcaya having the experience to maneuver around the property with ease - knowing all the best nooks to shoot at.  South Florida is hot, especially in the summertime, which is why it helps to be able to shoot efficiently while covering the most ground.  This is where knowing where to go comes in handy!  As with any place we have shot at many times, we always go in with the mentality that it is our client's first time taking photos there. We truly do our best in creating a unique experience for them. There are many reasons we can list as to why we love shooting at a new location - the obvious being that it is a new canvas for us to work with.  However, it does give the photographer an edge if they are familiar with the property. Having been in the photography business in Miami for almost ten years, we know a lot of these popular locations well! No matter how many times we shoot at a venue, the one thing that is guaranteed to always be unique is the couple- And Yadira and Ross certainly brought their own flair to their engagement shoot!

The engagement session was perfectly timed in the afternoon so that the natural light was just right.  As aforementioned, the second location of the shoot took place in Key Biscayne, overlooking the Miami skyline.  It was a great fit as Yadira and Ross looked amazingly classy in their attire which only accentuated their good looks.  It was a beautiful day and they were just so happy from start to finish.  We love keeping our couples smiling throughout the shoot - smiles always make for better photos! Being engaged is such a fun chapter in their love story that smiling just seems more natural than looking serious.  We hope you enjoy a peek at their engagement session and hope these pics make you smile too!