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Established in 2009 by Santy, Photography by Santy Martinez is celebrating a decade of capturing weddings. Since meeting each other in 2012, we have been inseparable and have documented hundreds of weddings together and counting. We pride ourselves in being an experienced and efficient team who brings positivity, professionalism, and a creative eye to every wedding we have had the privilege of capturing.

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When we are not behind the camera, we are out having adventures of our own with our kids, Bobby and Savannah. We absolutely love to travel and believe in gifting our children with experiences and the memories that come from those experiences that will last forever. Whether it’s a quick trip to the Florida Keys, a cross-country road trip to another state, a European vacation, or one of our many, many visits to Walt Disney World (yes, we absolutely love Disney), you can bet that we are trying to live our lives to the fullest!

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It’s this zest for life that we carry with us as we walk into each wedding. We value the opportunity we are given to document such an important event. We consider ourselves visual storytellers as we capture the day with an unobtrusive approach in catching all the joyous, candid moments throughout the wedding day. This photojournalistic style, coupled with our ability to create stunning, well-composed portraits, has allowed us to stand out in this industry. We guide our couples in flattering poses that feel natural and candid, even in the fast-paced nature of the wedding day. We personally try to slow the day down for our brides and grooms so that they not only enjoy the moment but also have beautiful images to look back on for years to come.

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When you hire Photography by Santy Martinez, you get us both. We do this full-time and are together most of the time. This means that when we have a creative idea, it is not limited to working hours. We will be anticipating your wedding day, shooting it together, and more likely than not, talking about what fun we had on your big day (weddings are a blast and always make great conversation!). When you look back through the photographs of your wedding day, we want you to remember it exactly as it was through all the raw details that made it so special. Whether it was how firmly you were holding hands, the tear in your grandmother’s eye or the way your dress was dancing in the wind. Special moments spent with your family move us a lot, so don’t be surprised if we shed a tear or two behind our cameras.

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We hope you have learned a little bit about us and have gained a bit more insight into our passion for photography. If you connect with our work and would like to welcome us into your world for a day, we would love to meet you!

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We thank you for your interest and we hope to see you very soon on the other side of our lens!