How to turn your vacation photos into lasting memories!

How many of you have photos sitting in your iPhones or in memory cards from your summer vacation…three years ago… that have been untouched? How often do you go on family trips and post a couple of photos on social media and that's it. Those memories are not printed in albums or framed at home. Can you relate? We are certainly guilty of this and today have decided to make a plan to rectify this issue.

As we prepare for our wedding busy season, which will roughly run through the next six months, we have been consolidating our hard drives to make room for upcoming engagement sessions, weddings and studio work.  In doing so, we have run into some folders that are true gems! More often than we like to admit, we take fun travel photos and they end up in a file - never to be showcased- until today. We’ve been so busy focusing on our clients beautiful memories that it feels good to also give our own a little attention.  We hope that this blog post will urge you to do the same!

So what is the plan? We are going to simply give ourselves deadlines to work on our own images. We do it for our clients so it should be easy for us to implement the same concept into our memories.  Start with one trip or event and go through each image and pick the ones that best highlight the occasion.  You can then move your favorites into a new folder in order to showcase them in a family blog, print those images as art for your walls or even create a photo book for your coffee table.

So we dug into our files and we decided to dig deep for this post to our first trip together to Savannah, GA back in January of 2013 - where it all began.  We fell in love with everything about this historical town and its stunning riverside views, tree-lined parks and vibrant atmosphere. Savannah served as the perfect getaway for our first romantic retreat. You can say that we bonded over photography and pecan pralines! And for those of you who are wondering, this trip was absolutely the inspiration to our new baby girl’s name - Savannah Marie!  We can’t wait to return with our daughter in tote for her first visit to Savannah, GA this upcoming winter and push her carriage along the cobblestone streets!

We are in the business of capturing memories and taking care of them and showcasing them is very important. We can’t wait to return with our daughter in tote for her first visit to Savannah, GA this upcoming winter.  You can bet we will be taking a ton of pictures as we push her carriage along the cobblestone streets…. only this time, we will make a better effort to exhibit those images. It is one of the only things that gets passed down from generation to generation. We hope that with this blog post we have encouraged you to print more and showcase more often those beautiful memories we all work so hard to create.