It’s no surprise why Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is such a hot spot to take photos in Miami.  Its Italian Renaissance gardens provide the perfect setting for any type of shoot. From engagement sessions to wedding shoots, we are no stranger to the beauty of this location. In this case, Vizcaya was the perfect setting for Megan’s Quinces shoot!  Turning fifteen is widely celebrated as a milestone in a girl’s life.  This is precisely why it is so important to be able to capture not only her beauty, but also the Quinceañera’s personality.  Megan had a lot of personality!  We made sure to keep her quinces shoot young, fun, and upbeat.  Megan opted to wear a traditional quinces dress while adding her own sassy style by adding combat boots to the mix.  This is proof that quinces photography does not have to be stuffy!  A quick change of outfits switched the whole look of the shoot at Vizcaya and made for some pretty shots of the Quinceañera! 

As Miami Photographers we like to recommend more than one location for the quinces photo shoot.  Since Megan grew up in South Florida, the beach seemed like a natural fit.  We headed to nearby Key Biscayne to catch the last sunlight of the day.  By this time, Megan was a pro in front of the camera!  We make sure to make each Quinceañera feel comfortable.  After all, this is an important time in her life and we want the pictures to reflect that. Key Biscayne offers some of Miami’s most beautiful beaches and views.  Often times, it is not crowded and is an ideal location to take pictures.  Of course, the quinceñeara has to be willing to get a little sandy!  This is why the beach setting is always left for last. 

We hope you enjoy the following images from Megan’s Quinces shoot!