Wedding at the Curtiss Mansion | Maricarmen + Cesar

For us, wedding photography isn’t something you pay for and forget. It is something that will be with you for the rest of your life, bringing you and your family endless joy, remembering those moments and special people fifty years down the road. It is a legacy, keeping sure that the romance and magic of your wedding day is preserved forever.  And this is exactly what we hope we achieved for Maricarmen and Cesar as we captured those special moments on their wedding day

Speaking of special moments, this wedding was just full of them! From the instant we stepped into the bridal suite to the last dance of the evening, Maricarmen and Cesar gave us plenty of material to document.  In addition, these two got married in one of our favorite venues- the Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs.  A hidden gem, this venue provides a rustic and romantic vibe that feels like a dream the moment one enters its doors.  It was simply the perfect backdrop for Maricarmen and Cesar’s perfect wedding day!

When we think back on this wedding, there is one thing that stood out the most. The flowers were beautiful and the music was definitely awesome, but that one thing was Maricarmen’s smile as she danced with her new husband!  If there is such a thing as the happiest bride award, she would win the prize.  Now that the flowers have wilted, the food was eaten, and the music has faded – we are thrilled to know that the photos of that smile will last forever in their wedding photos. 

And that is exactly what our wedding photography ensues.  We follow our own hearts throughout the day, telling the wedding stories as they unfold in the most beautiful way possible.  Nothing excites us more!  Please join us as we congratulate Maricarmen and Cesar!