Engagement Session Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, FL - Yvette + Diego

You will love this park engagement session!

We first learned about Yvette and Diego back in December when we were running our Complimentary Engagement Session contest.  We found out quickly that they have a strong network of friends and family. They received tons of votes daily! Although the outcome was not in their favor. We made sure to give perks and incentives to all of the couples.  Yvette and Diego luckily did not hesitate to use the perks.  We say lucky because it was really a delight to meet these two and we are really looking forward to their wedding.  Their wedding date is in November of this year (2017) and it was smart of them to book right away as it was the last Saturday in November we had available!

We have had too many sad encounters with couples who contact us for their wedding date and we are already booked.  We only shoot one wedding a day and limit the amount of weddings we shoot in the year in order to bring our clients the absolute best experience we can provide.  It is our goal to do this for each of our clients. It brings us so much joy to know that we will be able to offer this experience for Yvette and Diego.

Meet the Couple!

A little about the couple - Yvette recently moved back to South Florida after living in Atlanta, GA.  She is now continuing her career as a news producer at WPLG Channel 10.  Diego is a co-owner at Temple Street Eatery in Ft. Lauderdale where he is also chef.  As you scroll down you may notice Yvette brought her vintage typewriter and Diego brought his notepad of recipe ideas. We used these as props to express their interests.   Individually, these two are just cool, interesting people.  Together, they are the couple you want to hang out with and not want the evening to end!  There was so much laughter during their engagement session that we can only imagine how much fun these two must have on a daily basis.


Their session took place at the beautiful Hugh Birch Taylor State Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  This park offered a gorgeous backdrop for their photographs. This state park is an oasis of preserved tropical hammocks just steps from the buzz of Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  It is a perfect little escape for any nature lover or anyone just looking for a bit of tranquility.  It is always exciting to shoot in a new location. We were pleasantly surprised at all the pretty spots there were to shoot at this park. As lovely as the setting was, the focus of each session is always the couple.  Catching their personalities and love for each other in every image is the goal. It wasn’t too difficult to do during this engagement session as it is clear that Yvette and Diego are crazy about each other!

So Happy!

We are so grateful that they took the time to enter our contest and reach out to us to shoot their wedding.  As we just closed another contest, we have started communications with our most recent contestants that are also looking into locking in their wedding dates.  We can’t wait to learn more about them and capture their love story too!

We hope you enjoy the following preview of Yvette and Diego's engagement session as much as we enjoyed capturing them.