Our little Savannah is ONE

Our baby girl just turned one! To say that she brings joy and love into our lives is an understatement. We could never have imagined how this little human could change all of our lives in such a beautiful way.  The past year and nine months has sure been an adventure.  We would like to take some time to thank all of our friends, family, and clients who have supported us and have been part of Savannah's life!  For some of our clients, Savannah was at your wedding (in the belly) as Annie captured your big day.... for other clients, Savannah has given you her big grin at the studio as we capture your little ones too! Many of you have followed her #first365daysofSavannahMarie on Instagram and have not missed a day of her smiles! We would also like to send a special thank you to the doctors, nurses and all that were involved at South Miami Hospital  and South Miami OBGYN to bring our angel into this world.  You are all amazing! 

She touches our life in a positive way every day and we hope she has brought a little bit of sunshine to yours too! Please join us in wishing Savannah a happy first birthday! The following images are from the past year and nine months of her existence with Mommy, Daddy and big brother Bobby by her side ...and of course a little Disney here and there! Enjoy! 

Santy Martinez