Engagement Session | Downtown Miami | Key Biscayne | Cassie + Jose

Happy April!  Spring is in full effect …it’s also Santy’s birthday month! (WooHoo) We have a lot of exciting weddings and events to look forward to in the next couple months.  That being said, looking back, 2018 has been really great so far! We have met with and booked so many cool couples and today we want to introduce one of them. Please enjoy this sneak peek from Cassie and Jose’s engagement session in Downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. And, if you are a romantic, you are going to get butterflies reading about how they met and how he finally got her to say “yes” to the ring!   

How they met:

Cassie and Jose met in college at Florida International University #PantherPride! She was the typical FIU freshman trying to join a sorority and always hanging out in GC with friends to be a part of the "scene". Thankfully that "scene" included a cutie FIU baseball player that caught her eye! After a few days doing the whole "let's stare at each other from afar and act like we don't see each other thing" Jose finally introduced himself and asked for her phone number. The rest is history!

The big proposal:

So here is the deal. Jose is a pretty shy guy. He always told Cassie that as much as she wanted her family at their proposal one day, he just really wanted it to be the two of them. She finally just accepted that idea and realized an engagement is a special moment between the two anyway. On the weekend of their engagement, Cassie’s family from New York happened to come down (which to her surprise, was Jose's plan all along!). Her parents came up with a really good and natural excuse as to why they would be down in Miami. On July 29, 2017, it was a normal day. Jose had to "help his brother with things at the house".  Meanwhile, Cassie took her cousins from NYC to the Frost Museum and then went back to her apartment before going to her parents’ house where they had a planned dinner for their out of town guests.

Once they got into her parents’ neighborhood, Jose stopped at the bus stop to blindfold Cassie and tell her that her uncle had a big surprise for her. At this point her heart completely dropped. She was completely quiet for the remainder of the car ride to the house. Blindfolded with Jose guiding her out of the car, she could barely stand. She kept saying "I know it's not Uncle Mike, it’s you!!" As he guided her into the house, one of their songs, "Then" by Brad Paisley, started to play and she completely lost it! Finally, Jose took off her blindfold and she found herself standing in a velvet heart he cut out himself while he was on his knee asking her to marry him. Cassie, OF COURSE, said “yes” and when she turn around, her entire family was there along with a few of her besties. Only one person was missing - her sister Stephanie (who we’ve had the pleasure of shooting her wedding a few years ago.) Stephanie and her husband moved out to Washington state (they couldn't have moved any further!) because he serves in the US Navy. Not to worry, their dad had them on FaceTime and Cassie could hear her sister screaming with joy from the balcony – Stephanie and her husband were there at the parents’ house the entire time! Their night officially became whole.

Needless to say, Jose out did himself and it was the most magical night of her life - so far!! We can’t wait to see the whole family come together once more as we capture their upcoming wedding!

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